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Superintendent Doug Lowery

Mr. Doug Lowery

I am honored to be a part of the Ohio School for the Deaf family and this fantastic group of educators and staff. Being hearing impaired myself, I’ve always maintained a strong sense of commitment for the deaf and hard-of-hearing students and their families.

I believe that the current goals contained in our strategic plan provide great direction for all of us to serve the students and families of OSD, not to mention deaf and hard-of-hearing children across the state of Ohio. The central themes of student growth, successful transitions to higher education and/or the world of work, as well as programs to meet the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing students throughout Ohio should inform our instruction, delivery, and never ending commitment to our students and families.

I have always believed that deafness is not an excuse for academic under achievement and/or weak personal development. That type of thinking has gone on for too long. Deaf and hard-of-hearing students suffer largely from language and communication deprivation. This combined with low societal expectations have created a self-fulfilling prophecy for so many of our students. Our approach will center around taking advantage of all fully functional senses in deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Using those assets will help our students reach a greater personal potential.

Academic rigor, great educational opportunities, and a loving, nurturing school family environment will always serve as my vision for all of us at OSD. Thank you for the warm welcome. I am looking forward to meeting all of our students, families, and staff in the very near future.

About Mr. Lowery

Superintendent Doug Lowery, fluent in American Sign Language and a Columbus native, has earned numerous accolades for his work, including national praise. Mr. Lowery was named Principal of the Year by the National Association of Secondary School Principals in 2004 and featured in Readers Digest in 2005 as "Best Principal in the Nation." He was awarded Principal of the Year by the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators in 2003 and the Ohio Music Educators Association in 2002. 

Mr. Lowery earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio Dominican College in education and his master’s degree in educational administration from the University of Dayton. He teaches as adjunct professor at Ohio Dominican University and served Hilliard City Schools for nearly 24 years as a principal of three different buildings. He opened and then headed Memorial Middle School for 11 years, served as the leader of Heritage Middle Schools for eight years and finished his tenure in the district as the principal at Brown Elementary. He was a principal at Madison-Plains High School in London and served the district in a number of other roles. Mr. Lowery started his career teaching math and physical education; he is licensed as a Superintendent, Principal, Supervisor and in Computer Science. He has two school-aged children.

Office of Superintendent

Mr. Doug Lowery
Mr. Doug Lowery,
Superintendent of OSD

Email: Lowery@osdb.oh.gov
Phone: 614-728-4030

Ms. Bobbie Huebner
Ms. Bobbie Huebner,
Adm. Assistant to the Supt.

Email: Huebner@osdb.oh.gov
Phone: 614-728-4030
VP: 614-678-5404
Fax: 614-995-3448

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