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Family ASL Classes
The Center for Outreach Services offers American Sign Language (ASL) classes for families of children with a hearing loss.
ASL classClasses are generally once a week in the evenings during the school year. Different levels of classes are available. Childcare is provided for all classes. There is no cost for the classes or the childcare.
During the classes, families learn ASL grammar and vocabulary and practice their skills both producing and comprehending ASL. Families also learn about Deaf culture and have an opportunity to interact with Deaf adults. This is also an opportunity for families to network with others raising deaf and hard-of-hearing children.
Classes are offered on site at the Ohio School for the Deaf, 500 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio. Families who live outside of Columbus may be able to participate in classes using videoconferencing equipment at sites in their area.
To learn about currently available classes, visit our Upcoming Events page.
Contact us for more information.

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